Monday, July 21, 2014

Under New Management: Video Store

Hand painted sign by artist Lena Suksi 

Under New Management: Video Store temporarily converts the JNAAG lecture theatre into a video art rental store cum exhibition.

Organized by Toronto-based curators Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee, the exhibition features over 200 works of art created by video artists from across Canada. Video works were selected through an open call for submissions and include a cross section of experimental films, documentaries, comedy, horror and science fiction.

By assuming the characteristics of an independent video store, the project invites our community to view video art either in the exhibition space, or in the comfort of their own home. Checking out and returning the videos on the honour system, visitors are invited to pay with what ever they wish, in this way engaging alternative forms of exchange that fall outside of 'normal' economic expectations. Payment can take the form of drawings, videos or critical feedback, enabling the viewer to connect with the artists more directly. By removing money as the principle currency, each exchange will shift how the viewer values art and the honour system removes barriers that exist when memberships, deposits, and policies are required at commercial venues.

The project also reflects on the current state of small retail stores, in particular the closure of independent rental operations, offering viewers the opportunity to view content that hasn't been produced for mass consumption.

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