Friday, March 21, 2014

RAAW March Break Re-cap

For March Break 2014 the gallery hosted two innovative workshops for youth ages 13-18. The Random Acts of Art Workshops (RAAW) are a dynamic program of intensive process-based workshops that allow  youth from across the county to work side by side with some of the leading contemporary Canadian artists today as well as some local artists and artisans. 

Each March Break the gallery hosts technology based workshops for teens, under the name of Technology Tantrum. The workshops combines sound recording, drama, photography, storytelling and video producing, to allow youth to develop a range of technical skills and explore materials in a supportive environment.

Our two workshops, I See Your Sound and Hear Your Look and Stop! In the Name of Love, enabled participants to develop a sound understanding of contemporary media practices, including sound art, stop motion animation, and GIF art. 

I See Your Sound and Hear Your Look

Geared towards the budding sound artist, musician, or music fan, this workshop offered students a chance to explore the relationship between sound, landscape and architecture. 

Led by Toronto based New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), students learned how to record and edit audio recordings collected from the downtown area and gallery building.  Then NAISA instructors guided students through the process of creating a contact microphone, used to pick-up audio vibrations through solid objects. Use the homemade contact mic to experiment with sounds in your own home. How cool is that?!

Stop! In the Name of Love

Hosted by local video producer and all around cool guy Ian Alexander, this workshop allowed students the tools they needed to create awesome stop motion animations. Later in the week, participants learned the process of making stop-motion animations into GIFs, creating their own original GIF art. Students then embedded their GIF's  in the official workshop blog. This workshop was full of imagination and energy, providing a space where teens could be their creative selves.

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