Wednesday, February 19, 2014

March Break Workshops for Ages 13-18

For March Break 2014, Random Acts of Art Workshops (RAAW) are back with not one, but two innovative workshops that enable youth to develop a sound understanding of contemporary media practices.

March Break Technology Tantrum combines sound recording, drama, photography, storytelling and video producing, allowing participants to expand on a range of technical skills and explore materials in a supportive environment. The workshops are free for ages 13-18.

I See Your Sound and Hear Your Look
Monday, March 10 - Wednesday, March 12
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Geared towards the budding sound artist, musician, or music fan, this three day workshop offers participants a chance to explore the relationship between sound, landscape and architecture.

Led by Toronto based New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), students will develop an understanding of sound-based media art through the recording, editing and performance of sounds and audio collected from the downtown area and gallery building using ZOOM audio recorders and MacBook Pros. NAISA instructors will also guide students through the process of creating a contact microphone, used to pick-up audio vibrations through solid objects. Use the homemade contact mic to experiment with sounds in your own home.

Stop! In the Name of Love
Thursday, March 13 - Saturday, 15 
11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Learn to love animation... one frame at a time.

Using digital cameras and MacBook Pros, this three-day studio-based workshop will give you the tools you need to make amazing stop-motion animations and GIF art. With local video producer extraordinaire, Ian Alexander, participants can engage a wide range of materials including anything from paint to clay to their own bodies in the process of learning how to make animations so slick that your video camera won't know what to do.

Later in the week, participants will learn the process of making stop-motion animations into GIFs, before making totally original GIF art to embed in the official workshop blog, ready for the world to see. 

Seats are limited, so reserve your spot for each workshop today. REGISTRATION IS FREE, BUT REQUIRED. Call 519-336-8127 ext. 3231 or email 

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